Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2013 Tri Season kick off

So this happened on Sunday( why heart rate strap is falling, I don't know)
and this(my "other brother", and team mate decided to pace/kill me :) )

which, resulted in this
A friend is fighting a tough cancer battle and the race promoter decided to donate money for his medical bills from entries. I got a call from Miss P, who had just been cleared to start biking, but not running, from neck surgery a year and a half ago asking if I would be the runner on a relay team ( who would of thought, I'd be asked to be the runner?). She got my brother, who really isn't my brother to swim and we decided we were a team of misfits- all broken and on the mend. Seriously, this race was what Barb's. last summer was suppose to be. Fun, No illness, executed plan, and proud of accomplishment It was a lot of fun being able to cheer team mates on. We all had a spot in the transition area to switch the timing chip to the next leg and we worked well together. In fact it was fun as one of the other teams were right next to us and are friends of Miss P and Tri Club peeps and there was a lot of friendly trash talking going on. In the end we were all there together racing for JJ, who taught most of us how to swim in open water. with my thyroid still messed up (TSH 64, last week) I still have to do quick 15 second walk breaks. My average moving pace was 9:48, avg pace was 11:47 and fastest pace was 6:28. The first mile was fun, second mile was tough and like always, I finally get in a groove and settle in around 3 miles and can speed up. My speediest pace starts around 2.75 miles. The course was 3.15 on my Garmin. I stayed behind @ runners the first 2 miles and was able to catch and pass them in the last mile- My "pacer" wanted me to pass them sooner and we had to chat, while running, that I struggle the first 2 miles and would catch them by mile 3. This happens on the bike too. I am not a sprinter. Once my heart rate does it"s spiking and settles in, I can go long distance and end up passing people who start out way faster than me. We ended up third, which was pretty cool. Normally awards are going on before I finish a race. To actually get a big blingy medal was pretty fun and knowing, most likely, I won't be getting another anytime soon, I fully enjoyed our time in the "winner's circle" I am not signed up for any Tri's yet, this year. I am signed up for Rock n Roll half on June 2. I'm thinking I should hit the pool and dig my bike out. What's on your schedule for the year?


  1. Sometimes those races with no expectations and no plans turn out the best! I wouldn't recommend it, but it can be fun sometimes! Sorry I've been away so long, but thanks always for your support!

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