Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I meant to post about Rock n Roll. I actually thought I had

My goal for the race was to run as much as I could. Take walk breaks as needed, and finish in under 3 hours (spoiler, it didn't happen)

The expo was huge. This race expo was the first expo, my brother took me too. It set the standard and I have been let down at expo's since, thinking they were all this big

I wanted to practice taking the trolley and to see where the transfer location was, for race morning. I hate to admit it, but I just don't have a reason to ride the trolley. It does not have a line in my area. I drive to a mall and get on it there.

The expo was at the convention center. I went alone as I wanted to be able to look at everything and have my foot taped in the Kt tape booth.

I'll make a separate post about my foot issue, but will say this, I don't know how or why, but the Physical Therapist, Joe, who was working the booth, knew exactly where my foot hurt and hit the spot. He also reached for my lower leg and pushed on a spot ( I jumped in pain) and said the lower leg was the cause and the lateral foot pain was the effect. The missing piece is "why"

I saw this shirt, and loved it

My favorite booth was actually a snap pea, sample booth. No one was stopping at it and the girl said she was bored and loaded me up on individual bags of their product. I was hungry so they were a great lil snack.

Saturday night I was trying to decide what to wear. My friend told me to go with the Leopard skirt and pink tank as she thought it was "rock n rollish" Here was my problem- I only wear those tanks on my treadmill, at home, never in public. Race morning I put it on and felt very exposed. I decided to add my arm "coolers" (they act as warmers too) for some sun coverage and to help with morning chill (there wasn't any)

I got up and to the trolley station, in the wee hours of the morning. The race made a big deal about local taking the trolley. MTS didn't seem to understand that. I was at the second stop  and missed 3 trains. MTS did not have the race only trains that were on the printed schedule. I finally got in and several full marathoners were starting to get worried, they wouldn't make their start time and would have to down grade to the half. I felt bad for them as we were all on the platform in time for the first train scheduled for 5am
by the time we finally got to the drop off, we had to hoof it up the 6th Avenue hill, to the start. I actually thought it was a good warm up, but several were complaining.
I got to the area and dropped off my bag- since I signed up using Face Book, I had a hyphenated last name and got sent to the C's, instead of the S's, which was kind of weird for me.
The porta potty lines were crazy and soon they were singing the anthem. I started late and not in my assigned corral
here's my not awake "pre"picture
I was "self contained" with an extra epi pen and meds. Every other event this year, I had had a reaction and I wanted to be ready. Loved all the extra pockets in the skirt and tank- just didn't love the exposure factor. I will add this here. I did not think about the skirt or tank the entire run. They were comfy, kept me cool and caused no issues. Here is the start from the way back

Nutrition for this race was Island Boost and water. I started with plain water and had another bottle with Nuun electrolytes that I was going to switch to at mile 6. I dumped that out and refilled that bottle with more plain water as my stomach started to hurt after drinking some) Once I did that I had no issues at all

I was going along and looked up and saw the house my Grandmother had lived in for well over 20 years. I immediately stopped and took a picture for my Aunt who I knew would love to see it

A few miles later, at mile 6ish I saw the church that grandmother would take me to every Sunday. My Aunt also got married in it, so I took a picture of it (yep, it is a "race", but I have decided if I see something I want a picture of, I'm going to take it) ( my aunt loved them btw)
A lot of my friends choose not to do this race because of it's new route, going through some urban areas of an Diego. I loved it though. People in the neighborhoods were awesome. Some even had their own bands in the front yards.

I was able to run with set walk intervals to mile 9. At that point I was done :) I walked a couple miles and then looked at my watch. I had really wanted to finish in under 3 hours and was on course to do it, but I was has starting to loose focus and my legs were starting to hurt. The down hill section into the downtown area hurt. I mentally was going through a check list of what was hurting and did it just feel like sore, tired muscles or more like an injury or stress fracture. I decided  it felt more muscular. Saw the 3 hour mark had passed and decided I was going to run to make it in 3:15. On my Garmin, I made that goal. Garmin said 3:14:, but when official times were posted it was at 3:18, which kind of bummed me out

I have to say, I had a lot of fun! I was with a group of guys who were openly gay, the entire race. They'd pass me, I'd pass them and we all seemed to hit a 9 mile wall and ended up encouraging each other to get going.
One highlight was about mile 7 when my brother stepped out of the crowed and gave me a Mountain Dew. I took a couple swigs and the sugar really helped (it was the throwback version)
The last mile was great. Weall picked it up and finished strong.
After they gave us our medal, they gave us a cold wash cloth, which was amazing!
Then chocolate milk (yum) bananas and something that was good, but I dion't remember what it was now :)

By that time, I was having trouble walking. We had to walk to Petco Park. I hobbled to get my gear bag and up to the stadium, to get the free beer....for the first time, ever I actually got mine....to take home for hubby :)
I somehow made it to the trolley and back to the mall and by that point, I was starving. I stopped and got a large bowl of Pho (Vietnamese soup), a few hours later we went out for Mexican food.

Suprisingly, I had no reaction of any type!
What I did have, the next day, was horribly painfull quads and glutes. I called the PT office and they had an opening that I could go in and use their recovery tools

They were amazing! The blue "boots" fill with air and squeeze starting at feet and goes up the entire leg.

I signed up late for the race and I think I paid $110 (actually son paid for it for a combo Mothers Day/Birthday gift) People complain about the cost of this race, but I thought it was really well run and felt it was a fair price for what we got.

Next half I have is in November. That course is flat. :)

I had a lot of emotions, left over from Barb;s race, last summer, that were coming out at the finish. They are reflected in this proof pic

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

end of an era

What Not To Wear shot it's finale episode and had their party last night. I'm sad.

If you have Facebook, Clinton Kelley posts regularly on his page. He is actually quite funny. He posted pictures last night.

I really hope TLC puts together a DVD.

I guess it is good to go out on top, but I don't get why the show is ending, There really isn't another show like it and as evident by the people they still make over, the need is there.

There have been a few shows, lately, with unappreciative subjects that just drove me nuts. why accept and agree to do the show, if you had no interest in changing, was my thought.

At different stages in the past several years, I learned from the show ( still have trouble selecting tops, but got good with bottoms and dresses)

Did you have a favorite episode?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2013 Tri Season kick off

So this happened on Sunday( why heart rate strap is falling, I don't know)
and this(my "other brother", and team mate decided to pace/kill me :) )

which, resulted in this
A friend is fighting a tough cancer battle and the race promoter decided to donate money for his medical bills from entries. I got a call from Miss P, who had just been cleared to start biking, but not running, from neck surgery a year and a half ago asking if I would be the runner on a relay team ( who would of thought, I'd be asked to be the runner?). She got my brother, who really isn't my brother to swim and we decided we were a team of misfits- all broken and on the mend. Seriously, this race was what Barb's. last summer was suppose to be. Fun, No illness, executed plan, and proud of accomplishment It was a lot of fun being able to cheer team mates on. We all had a spot in the transition area to switch the timing chip to the next leg and we worked well together. In fact it was fun as one of the other teams were right next to us and are friends of Miss P and Tri Club peeps and there was a lot of friendly trash talking going on. In the end we were all there together racing for JJ, who taught most of us how to swim in open water. with my thyroid still messed up (TSH 64, last week) I still have to do quick 15 second walk breaks. My average moving pace was 9:48, avg pace was 11:47 and fastest pace was 6:28. The first mile was fun, second mile was tough and like always, I finally get in a groove and settle in around 3 miles and can speed up. My speediest pace starts around 2.75 miles. The course was 3.15 on my Garmin. I stayed behind @ runners the first 2 miles and was able to catch and pass them in the last mile- My "pacer" wanted me to pass them sooner and we had to chat, while running, that I struggle the first 2 miles and would catch them by mile 3. This happens on the bike too. I am not a sprinter. Once my heart rate does it"s spiking and settles in, I can go long distance and end up passing people who start out way faster than me. We ended up third, which was pretty cool. Normally awards are going on before I finish a race. To actually get a big blingy medal was pretty fun and knowing, most likely, I won't be getting another anytime soon, I fully enjoyed our time in the "winner's circle" I am not signed up for any Tri's yet, this year. I am signed up for Rock n Roll half on June 2. I'm thinking I should hit the pool and dig my bike out. What's on your schedule for the year?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

house of rae

while tri tales will remain here, I am going private with life tales
I was able to add-
Vickie ( invite went to gmail)

I couldn't find Helen's email.

If there is someone else that would like to be added, leave your addy in the comments ( I will delete it as soon as I see it)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

meal inspirations from a eatery and a new do

Today, I went to a new gal to get my hair done.

The pool water had did it"s damage, in an attempt to make it look a bit better, my friend agreed to use a cap and we attempted to highlight it. Let's just say it looked like a trailer park blond with very dark roots still showing. I did nothing to it, until today. I used my b day money and went and had it done. Felt 100% better when I saw the end result!

New gal is a tri club member and she has a cute studio in her backyard that she has turned into her salon. Loved it.
She foiled  three tones of dark blond into my hair ( a neutral, a gold and a red based #7), so I have 4 colors in my hair and it looks very subtle. I love it. She also cut it back into a bob.
I had grown it out for a year and really it just looked like a stringy mess. It actually looks longer, cut.

The salon was in the north county, so I decided to visit a few stores that friends who live up there talk about and I also had lunch at a place that calls itself a "farm to table" eatery

For 10.00,  you choose a protein and 2 sides. They also have an option of 4 sides only, no protein, which is what I ordered. for my sides I chose;
Quinoa and edaname salad- (cold) also had shredded carrot, and onion in it
Kale orchard salad- kale, sliced fresh cherries and walnuts with  balsamic vinegar
Roasted Brussels sprouts (yum!)
Rosemary red potatoes

All 4 of the sides were simple and delish! The all can be recreated, easily, at home. In fact on the way home, I stooped at Trader Joe's and bought bagged kale and cherries for the orchard salad ( have walnuts) and broccoli slaw, and edaname for the quinoa salad. It is too warm to turn the oven on, but I will roast Brussels sprouts too maybe at the same time as red potatoes, so I have some pre cooked dishes ready.

The price also includes a large  rectangle of thick, crunchy, bread, which I brought home for someone else to eat and a "natural" soda. I choose the ginger one and it was good as well

I ate my lunch and still had over half left, so I brought it all home for lunch tomorrow.

my legs still feel like I'm hobbling on tree stumps. Tomorrow, I'm going to go to the pool during open swim and just float on a noodle and "cycle" under water, to help loosen them up

Monday, July 30, 2012

Forgot to remove names from race report, it will be re posted.

Feeling much better tonight!

I was able to complete my V02 max test today too!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A run and a lunch

Last week, I logged 19.6 miles of running. I managed to run 10.25 on Saturday. A feat, I never thought I'd be able to do.
My plan called for a easy run (none are there yet) for an hour. I decided to "over rule" the plan as the race is in less than 3 weeks and I wanted to do atleast one double digit run before hand. While I was happy walking the run last year, and actually made pretty good time walking, I am not walking this year(except the aide stations).
I went to the bay and parked and a point where I could run out a set distance, and come back to my car, to get another bottle of fluid, if needed,
I made sure to do my warm ups, turned my ipod up to block out everything and took off. At mile 1, I noticed I was running a 10min/mile and wanted to slow down as this run was about running further, rather than faster. I ran all the way to my turn around point, which was 2.5 miles out. I have found if I use my inhaler between 2.5 to 3 miles, I have no shortness of breath. I also decided to practice my nutrition and used a gel at each 2.5 miles as well. The return 2.5 was full of "defensive" running- lets just say, tourists on beach cruisers are dangerous. The rental shack must not be telling these people rules of the path- single file, stay on right side of path, etc as many families were 3-4 wide, barely fitting together -enough of that rant :)
I made it back to my car in 59 minutes total, for 5 miles, and was sweating, a lot! For the next loop I took Gatorade Pro as it will be what is on the course and I'm using it. Last year I carried another drink product that required me to stop and mix it, which resulted in me not drinking enough. The first section of this loop was painful! It had warmed up and was humid. It was much slower between 12- 12:30 min/mile pace. By the turn around, I had ran out of fluid. I stopped at the lifeguard stand to see if they had any salt packets (no) as I was getting a bit dizzy. When I got to the hotel bar (0n the path), I poked my head through the window and asked if I could please buy a coke and some margarita salt, They said ok, but I had to be let in the gate to buy it. At $4.25, I think it was the most expensive Coke I have ever had) It was also the most beneficial one I have ever had as it perked me back up. I put the salt in my bottle and the bartender filled it with ice cold lemon water, which tasted really good. This was around mile 7.8. After drinking the coke, I set out to get back to the car as fast as possible. i made an effort to pay attention to where and how my feet were landing as when I fell and sprained my ankle, I was fatigued and not paying attention.
The last mile I was able to push my pace and finished 10.25 miles in 2:05, My garmin said my last lap pace was a 9:05min/mile.; After I had the salt, I felt much better, so I really need to make sure I take a salt pill every hour. ( I am a very salty sweater. Last year at the end of the race, my face looked like someone had dumped a salt shaker on my face) Coach says depending on weather temps on race day, I need between 500-1000mg of sodium per hour. I did a long bike ride and took one pill every hour and it did make me feel much better. I'm sticking with the one pill and have other items to get enough in.
I did this entire run in my Nike Frees, which I love! (3v3) I was worried I would need my other shoes to run this far, but my feet did not hurt at all. With this run done, the Free's will be my race day shoes. I did buy a pair of Brooks Launch, but just like my old "regular running shoes" my hips hurt after wearing them. I have no pain at all when wearing the Free's.
I was exhausted though and came home and laid on the couch, under a blankie :).

Sunday, I rode the 20 mile bike path ride and my quads were having profanity laced thoughts! I can ell something has changed as I did not worry about the hills. I just shifted down and spun up them thinking it would be good training for the hill that is at mile 42.

I'm making sure to fuel my body and have been making a curry chicken salad to eat after workouts.
It really is a chop and dump in bowl. I have added various veggies, but this is what I did today

1 chopped chicken breast ( I grilled a family pack ahead of time for grab and go meals)
2 celery sticks
1 Persian cucumber
1/4 apple
chopped walnuts
bit of red onion, chopped,
put that is a bowl

in a cereal bowl I put about 1 tsp of Curry powder with a dash of cayenne pepper, black pepper, and salt (only due to training) I mix in about a 1/8 c Mayo, and stir ( do not use "light" mayo as it has more sugars and "stuff" vs regular. Mix that in with the rest and serve it over raw Kale

I was able to get 3 meals out of this

Hope everyone is having a great week!